Innovar, avanzar y mejorar es parte de nuestra meta del día a día. La tecnología es la base de la calidad de nuestro servicio que te asegura un control en tiempo real de tu envío.

Online information of
cargo in transit

All our installations
count with 24hs vigilance
the 365 days of the year.

Data collectors
through radiofrequency,
which allows automatic
actualization of the cargo.

Fast response team
for attention during travel
and remote locations

Security system
for tires.

Our storage depots
count with alarm and video
surveillance system

GPS system for monitoring
of our transport units and
distribution vehicles
through the hole country

Outsourced parking
lots and storage depots
in case of need.

Maintenance and repair
system of our units,
equipments and installations

Receive a budget of your shipment

Fill in the details and receive
a custom budget!

Receive a budget of your shipment

¡Completá los datos y recibí
una cotización personalizada!


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